Saturday, March 27, 2021

Caught Napping - CBS Sports Draft

CBS Sports 10 Team HTH Points League - predraft 

In about an hour my HTH Points League draft will begin.  Yesterday I went into the CBS Sports to make adjustments to my Predraft List - This past week has had news both good and bad and I did a mock draft so I wanted to make some adjustments.  OOPS.

CBS Sports apparently closes the predraft list 24 hours ahead of your draft.  I now know I will be drafting 10th out of 10 teams so I will have picks 10,11, 30,31, 50, 51, 70, 71, 90, 91, 110, 111, 130, 131, 150, 151, 170,171, 190,191, 210,211, and 230 - final pick of the draft.

During the Mock Draft I discovered that CBS does NOT show all position Eligibility for a player on the draft list.  They show what they project the player's main position to be.  To discover what positions a player is eligible - multi-positional eligibility, one needs to check the players bio - a slow process.  But now I know one of my favorite Catcher targets in 2021 MLB Fantasy Isiah Kiner-Falefa is NOT eligible at Catcher in CBS leagues.  CBS Sports is using only the truncated 2020 season to determine eligibility.

In a Point leagues like today's Draft, I love drafting Starting Pitchers who have Relief Pitcher Eligibility.  A Starting Pitcher, expecially a good one, will pile up more points than the Elite Closers much less a Closer who is just so so.  Unfortunately, since CBS Sports is only using 2020 as the source, few pitchers qualify as both Starting Pitcher and Relief Pitcher to start 2021 in CBS Sports leagues.

If you are planning to draft on the CBS Sports platform, those players are:

Freddy Peralta - SP, RP Milwaukee

Jose Quintana - SP, RP LA Angels

Michael Lorenzen, SP, RP OF Cincinnati Reds

Tejone Antone  SP, RP Cincinnati Reds

A.J. Puk  Oakland As

Austin Gomber  Colorado Rockies

That all I could find of potential Starting Pitchers who qualify.  Currently it appears Cincinnati will start Lorenzen in the Rotation BUT Antone as a long Relief pitcher so Lorenzen in the one you want to target to be on your roster as a Starting Pitcher in a RP position.

I hope to draft 3 of the above pitchers today - Peralta, Quintana and Puk.  Depending on how the draft goes, I may draft Lorenzen or Gomber.  Remember this is a Points league so Innings Pitched matters.

My early rounds will be split between pitching and hitting, alternating.  Batting average is less a concern but you don't want too many Ks by your hitters.  Joey Gallo becomes an option simply due to it being points and he is one of a few true power bats.  A Stolen Base is just a point as in a single or a walk so no need to worry about steals.  They are added value.  

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